The fourth annual Women Building Success Awards came back this month, two and a half years after the last ceremony was held and this time at a new venue, Kellmerman’s Event Center in White Bear Lake. The program was created in 2017 to recognize outstanding women workers in the local building trades.

The term “paying it forward” was evident in the women who won awards. Terri Stave, winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award, began her career with Elevator Constructors Local 9 as a 19-year-old. Now retired from her trailblazing career, she went on to be an instructor and business agent with Local 9. On the other end of the career arc are Marissa Goodsky, winner of the Journeyperson of the Year, and runner up for Advocate of the Year, Rosey Grab. Goodsky has begun teaching with Cement Masons Local 633; Grab is still an apprentice with Operating Engineers Local 49.

“We have these programs encouraging women to have a career in the building trades, hoping that they are wildly successful,” said Jenny Winkelaar, Local 49 members and a board member of Women Building Success. “We are seeing our programs are successful at retaining people. We believe we are starting to see future leaders.”

Winners and an honorable mention were awarded in the following categories:

● Lifetime Achievement Award – Terri Stave, a retired member, instructor and officer with Elevator Constructors Local 9.

● Apprentice of the Year – Karin Dahlin, Pipefitters Local 539. Honorable Mention: Dani Moss, Laborers (LIUNA) Local 563 and Claire Boeke, Carpenters Local 322.

● Journeyworker of the Year – Marissa Goodsky, Cement Masons Local 633. Honorable Mention: Brittney Bray, Operating Engineers Local 49

● Advocate of the Year –Robin Chuhel, IBEW Local 110. Honorable Mention: Rosey Grab, Operating Engineers Local 49.

In addition to the award, winners in each category received a $300 honorarium and a set of Milwaukee tools. Honorable mention recipients received $100 honorariums.