Union Building Trades Strengthen School Curriculum

Minnesota is implementing the North America Building Trades Union (NABTU) Multi-Craft Core Curriculum (MC3) in several schools throughout the state to introduce pre-apprentices and secondary students to the various building trades.  Click here to view a video explaining MC3.

Multi-Craft Core Curriculum MC3

In 2007, the National Standing Committee on Apprenticeship and Training of North America’s Building Trades Unions identified common elements from all building trades’ apprenticeship programs, without regard to a particular craft.  In other words, a “common core curriculum.”  

This was the basis for the Multi-Craft Core Curriculum, which is increasingly being used as the foundation for pre-apprenticeship programs across America.

The specific topics that are taught in the Multi-Craft Core Curriculum include:

  • General orientation to apprenticeship
  • Intro to the construction industry
  • CPR and first aid
  • OSHA 10-hour safety certification
  • Blueprint reading
  • Applied mathematics for construction
  • Identifying and preventing sexual harassment and discrimination
  • History of the construction industry
  • The heritage of the American worker
  • How to interview effectively 
  • Green construction techniques and standards

The Multi-Craft Core Curriculum provides a gateway to a  career in any of the Building Trades; from high school to joint registered apprenticeship to community and four-year college and beyond.  Congratulations to the participating schools and the Minnesota Building Trades Councils for bringing trade careers back into our schools.   Click here to view a video explaining MC3.