Promoting Economic Development: Supporting Those Who Build Minnesota

A strong economy and a healthy local construction industry go hand in hand. Both are rooted in fair and prudent law, public policy, community standards and business practices. To preserve and advance these principles in Minnesota, the State's Building and Construction Trades Council established the Fair Contracting Foundation [FCF]. FCF uses existing laws as a starting point and then partners with government agencies (U.S. DOL, MN DLI, Minnesota counties, cities, school districts and more) to ensure that all Minnesotans benefit from our construction laws.

What We Are Doing

  • •  Educating about prevailing wage law, policy and related issues including fair bidding, apprenticeship and more
  • •  Monitoring public construction projects for legal compliance
  • •  Helping collect unpaid wages for workers
  • •  Supporting contractors through the bidding process to project completion
  • •  Gathering detail on public construction projects
  • •  Filing law violation complaints with public agencies
  • •  Partnering with government agencies to ensure good results on public construction projects for contractors, workers,
  •    government and taxpayers

  • Fair Contracting Foundation's Mission Statement:

    The Fair Contracting Foundation promotes prevailing wage law education, compliance and enforcement. It advocates for practices, policies and laws that ensure fair government contracts, a strong local industry and protection of the public interest.